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Customized SafetyThe Knauf Industries division

Headquartered in Wolfgantzen, France, Knauf Industries develops and produces high-quality safety packaging material, technical components, and insulation in foam moulding, thermoforming and plastic injection moulding. As a part of the worldwide operating Knauf Group, the company has a total of 1400 employees at 35 locations in 8 countries.

Knauf Industries is a world market leader in EPS moulded parts – a long-standing and dependable partner for numerous customers especially in the building and food industry. Knauf also serves the household appliances, automotive, and pharmaceutical industries.

The customized products made by Knauf Industries are exceptional in their high degree of quality and dependability. They guarantee maximum safety in all areas of application. Also, as a leader in innovation, Knauf makes up to 25 new or improved products ready for the market each year. For this purpose, Knauf Industries has its own research and development department, consisting of roughly 20 highly motivated engineers and technicians.

EU-certified solutions provider

Knauf Industries provides its customers with reliable standard solutions for the insulation of walls, floors, and ceilings. Knauf also develops special custom-made products for insulating heating, cooling, and ventilation systems and for ICF blocks.

All products from Knauf Industries satisfy European quality and safety standards, meet all requirements of CE marketing, and are EN 13163 certified. Naturally, they are also compatible with all other Knauf products.

Not least, Knauf Industries is also highly active in preserving the environment and nature. Included in these efforts are the development of resource-saving products and the ISO 140001 certification.

Knauf Industries can.

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