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Exceptional Plasterboard Quality from Poland


Exceptional Plasterboard Quality from PolandThe Knauf Norgips division

Headquartered in Warsaw, Poland, Knauf Norgips is one of the largest and most well known manufacturers of high-quality gypsum products on the European market. Its comprehensive product portfolio includes plasterboards, gypsum and filling compounds, gypsum bonding compounds, as well as installation screws, profiles, and accessories for plasterboards.

As a part of the Knauf Group, Norgips has the power and comprehensive know-how of a worldwide leading, innovative brand. Managed by Jacek Jakubiszyn, Knauf Norgips also places a large emphasis on the human element. The many years of the company’s success can be attributed, on one hand, to a strong team spirit and the cooperative atmosphere among employees and, on the other, to the customers, some of whom have been loyal to the company for many years.

For quick, effective, and healthy construction

As a Polish company with Norwegian roots – which is where the name Norgips originated – our company holds an exceptionally strong market position in Eastern Europe. Since the beginning, Knauf Norgips has been a manufacturer of long-lasting products for the construction industry, a company that shows its customers and partners the highest degree of dependability, continuity, and loyalty.

This is how Knauf Norgips makes possible quick, effective, and healthy building – after all, compliance with relevant environmental protection standards is a matter of course.

Born in Norway: an international Company Through and ThroughOur History

  • 1992

    The history of Norgips started in 1992 – in Norway, however, where the idea of founding a Polish subsidiary of an originally, purely Scandinavian company took root. This also explains the company’s unusual name. Norgips Poland was founded in Stettin in 1993. At first, the portfolio was limited to the sale of plasterboards, which were manufactured in the Norwegian Norgips factory Drammen. By 1997, Norgips had achieved such great success that it had to relocate its main office from Stettin to Warsaw. Hardly a year later, it opened its first Polish factory in Brzezie near Opole for manufacturing plasterboards – and today that factory is one of the largest of its kind.

  • Today

    In 2002, the previously, purely legally separate companies Norgips Poland and Norgips Opole were united as Norgips Polska. Finally in 2004, the rapidly growing company became a part of the worldwide Knauf Group and as such operated under the name Knauf Norgips Sp. Z o. o. Sp. K. The primary subsidiary is still in Warsaw. The sales office is located in Opole. There is another production facility in the Bulgarian city of Mednikarovo. Knauf Norgips can.

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