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German made conveying and mixing pumps, pneumatic conveying equipment, and horizontal continuous mixers to achieve faster and better performance of drywall application

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Perfection in Mixing and ConveyingKnauf PFT

Knauf PFT is an internationally renowned manufacturer of high-quality conveying and mixing pumps, pneumatic conveying equipment, and horizontal continuous mixers “Made in Germany.” Knauf PFT diversifies the comprehensive building materials portfolio of the worldwide Knauf Group by adding an important branch of mixing and conveying equipment.

Knauf PFT stands for profound know-how and for many years of experience. As a market leader and inventor of the world’s first single-layer, machine-applied gypsum plaster technology and the first mortar mixing pump PFT G 4 in 1975, the company continues to set new standards – unrivalled success that gives spectacular proof of the innovative power of Knauf PFT, which has now sold 100,000 mixing pumps.

Today Knauf PFT has around 200 employees at its headquarters in Iphofen, Germany.

It also has approximately 350 sales and service centres in 96 countries.

Growth through innovation

Its vast richness of ideas, its comprehensive knowledge in the new and further development of conveying and mixing equipment, and its intuition, developed over decades, to meet the needs of the construction industry are what makes Knauf PFT unique. Our high production depth ensures that we have a large influence on our manufacturing of machines and can react quickly to the proposals and requirements of our customers. With our production depth we are able to ensure a constant level of high quality. After all, the construction industry lives from a high degree of flexibility.

Our strengths and our passion, our solidarity, and our technical expertise – combined with people working together, cooperative actions, and high service orientation. Each year we deliver approximately 5,000 machines to our satisfied customers. They know that our products guarantee quality like no other – and, of course, live up to this quality also. We are also proud of the fact that Knauf PFT is presently the world’s undisputed market leader in mixing pumps and conveying equipment for the secondary construction industry.

What we launch, receives international recognition. It sets standards.

One thing is beyond all question: We always strive to become even better.

From Innovation Leader to Market LeaderOur History

  • 1964

    The unique history of Knauf PFT’s success started in 1964 with the invention of a system for machine processing of the world’s first single-layer machine-applied plaster: the legendary mixing pump PFT G 1. This mixing pump built the foundation as the company grew inexorably to become the world market leader in mixing and conveying equipment for the secondary construction industry. Then in 1975, the PFT G 4 made its debut – for the past decades it has been the best selling continuous mixing pump in the world.

  • 1966

    A new era began in 1966: the bagless construction site thanks to the invention of the first pneumatic dry plaster conveying unit, PFT SILOMAT.

  • 2005

    Knauf PFT continued to expand its position as a technical leader in innovation in the subsequent years – in 1999 it launched a rubber mixing tube for all horizontal continuous mixers, and in 2005 it invented the world’s smallest 230-volt mixing pump, PFT Ritmo.

  • 2007

    In 2007, Knauf PFT again revolutionised the secondary construction industry – with PFT RITMO, PFT RITMO powercoat, PFT SILOMAT trans plus bag, PFT RITMO XL in combination with the filling compound Knauf Multi Finish M. For the first time ever it was now possible to mix and apply filling compound by machine.

  • Today

    In 2010, the conveying equipment PFT Silomat trans plus bag for bag feeding was optimised – another useful invention with which the company responded resourcefully to the needs of the construction industry. Other highlights include the upgrade of PFT Ritmo XL and for the 230-volt and 400-volt electrical connection in 2010 or the construction of the next generation of successful PFT G 4. Knauf PFT’s history of success is far from over! Knauf can.

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