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Knauf Surface Quality Brochure

Surface Quality Classes

Surface Finishing Preparation


K1 Quality meets the requirements for surfaces which has no decorative needs like wallpaper ect. claddings.

K1 sruface quality process includes the following steps:

  • Placing joint tapes,
  • Filling joints with plaster,
  • Covering screw heads.

Extra surface material has to be removed. Corner profiles should be places on the corners. On multiple gypsum board applications, the first layer board's joints should be filled but there's no need to cover the screw heads.

On tile, ceramic ect. cladding applications, this prosedure will be enough. Plaster overflow should be avoided.

Low Quality


K2 quality meets the requirements of general needs of surface and ceilings in minimum.

This procedure's aim is to have joints nonlayered.

K2 surface quality includes:

  • K1 application,

  • Additional surface process until there's no layer difference between joints.

Application marks and bumps should be covered. Apply sanding if necessary.

These surfaces are appropriate for the following circumstances:

  • Wall claddings with texture-finished wallpapers.

  • Granulosed paint applications

  • Surface finish plasters with 1mm or wide grain sizes

If K2 quality choosed for paint applications, there will be surface defects. These defects can be avoided by using K3 quality.

Standard Quality


For higher surface expectations, futher surface treatments are essential.

K3 surface quality requires:

  • K2 surface application,
  • Joints should be filled wider and gypsum board pores has to be covered with special surface material. Sanding should be applied if necessary.

These surfaces are appropriate for the following circumstances:

  • Smooth pile wallpapers

  • Matte, small granulosed paints / claddings

  • Surface finishing plasters with max. 1mm grain size. This surface quality doesn't prevent surface deflects properly. For the best results, we recomment K4 surface quality.

High Quality (recommended)


This surface treatment used for the highest demands. K4 includes K3 application for the entire gypsum board surface.

K4 surface quality includes:

  • K3 surface application,
  • Filling the joints wider with the proper plaster and polish. These surfaces are appropriate for the following circumstances:

  • Flat surfaces like wallpapers,
  • Medium oil paints

K4 surface quality meets the highest demands. It reduces the marks on joints and surfaces. Areal marks under light is prevented majorly. In some cases, usage of glue (according to claddings) needs special finishing. For example:

  • Shiny claddings,
  • Varnish applications,
  • Varnished wallpapers.

To actualise the required design ideas, finishing claddings should be applied by using the right processes.

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