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  • Interior Drywall Application

    Interior Drywall Application

    High quality drywall materials manufactured under European norms to be used in partition walls, suspended ceiling and flooring systems. Product List
  •  Aquapanel® Cement Borads & Accessories

    AQUAPANEL® Cement Borads & Accessories

    A lighter material than conventional construction enables more freedom for innovative design, easier & faster construction and saving space. Product List
  • Exterior Cladding & Floor Tiles Application

    Exterior Cladding & Floor Tiles Application

    System components offers high values of external thermal insulation for the buildings, besides cement based adhesives and joint fillers for flooring tiles. Product List
  • PFT Machines

    PFT Machines

    German made conveying and mixing pumps, pneumatic conveying equipment, and horizontal continuous mixers to achieve faster and better performance of drywall application. Product List