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Cohesion from A to ZOur company profile

Knauf is a synonym for gypsum – among construction experts and enthusiasts. This proverbial association of a building material with a manufacturer’s name is not just coincidence. It is the result of decades of hard work and consistently high quality.

The fact is, if you say Knauf, you mean dependability. Our group of companies had comparably humble beginnings. Specifically the family company was established in 1932, when brothers Alfons and Karl Knauf secured the mining rights to gypsum deposits in the Schengen community (Obermosel) in Germany. Courage, determination, and business savvy were the reasons that only a year later Knauf established its first gypsum factory in Perl (Moselle) – laying the foundation for what would later be the Knauf Group.

Product quality and product diversity

Today Knauf is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of modern insulation materials, drylining systems, plasters and accessories, thermal insulation composite systems, paints, floor screed, floor systems, and construction equipment and tools. With 150 production facilities and sales organisations in over 60 countries, 26,000 employees worldwide, and sales of 6.27 billion Euro (in 2013), the Knauf Group is without doubt one of the big players on the market – in Europe, the USA, South America, Russia, Asia, Africa, and Australia.

Amid the success, our family of companies has stayed true to its principles. We value mutual trust, diligence, visionary thinking, and cohesion. Managing partners Manfred Grundke and Alexander Knauf as well as Nikolaus and Baldwin Knauf, as chairman and vice-chairman of the shareholders’ committee, uphold these values in everything they do.

Regardless of the structure, project, or building project – Knauf makes it happen. For its customers. And together with its customers.

Knauf can.

  • Drywall construction

    The beginnings of drywall construction go back to 1958. Back then the first gypsum plasterboard was manufactured by Knauf in Iphofen. Since this time, this area has been continuously expanded and developed technologically.

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    Drywall construction is the business area with the highest turnover for Knauf and a total of 1.1 billion square metres (m²) of board sheets have been sold by Knauf. In addition, there are gypsum fibre boards and partition boards. An extensive selection of accessories makes it possible for our customers to select the optimum solution for their needs. In the same year, more than 815 million running metres of profile was sold.

  • Insulation materials

    Knauf produces insulating materials worldwide and has comprehensive technological competence in the production of fibre glass and mineral wool, as well as EPS and XPS. Hardened fibre glass, granulated wool and pipe insulation are primarily produced from fibre glass.

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    Hardened fibre glass is used in building insulation, as well as commercial and industrial insulation. Stone wool is mainly used in building insulation, as well as in the OEM sector. Technical insulation is used for industrial plants, heating and ventilation. XPS insulating material offers outstanding water resistance and pressure resistance characteristics for insulation systems on slanting roofs.

  • Plasters

    The origin of Knauf is inseparable from the production of plaster. That which began last century in the 30s with the production of gypsum-bound hand-applied plasters has developed into a very diversified product range in the meantime. The range of gypsum-bound, lime-bound and cement-bound plasters offers a solution to problems at the highest technical level for both indoors and outdoors. In 2013, 3.6 million tonnes of gypsum-bound plaster and putty were sold. In addition, there was another 0.58 million tonnes of other plaster sold.  

  • Ceilings

    The Knauf group has comprehensive systems competence in the ceiling sector. Various Knauf companies offer a range of different technologies tailored to local markets. From plasterboards and ready-made ceiling modules, to mineral fibre boards in insertion installation, wood wool elements and special fire protection solutions with gypsum fibreboard.

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    With this, Knauf views the ceiling as an entity in itself: If it is about implementing creative visions, Knauf offers the technical ability to provide a solution, as well as keeping in mind sound insulation, fire protection, room climate and the installation itself.

  • Flooring

    The Knauf group has an extensive range of flooring products. All technologies are offered, from classical levelling screed, to dry subfloors and hollow access floors.

  • Façade

    As a result of different climate zones and traditional building methods, innumerable technical challenges present themselves when insulating façades, which need to be solved. Thanks to its international expansion and multitude of building material technologies, the Knauf group has a comprehensive perspective on these challenges. The product portfolio includes warm wall systems, solutions for rear-ventilated façades and external plaster, as well as specialised insulation materials.

  • Moulded components/ injection moulding

    The Knauf group runs an important business with EPS mouldings, injection mouldings and thermoforming. The Knauf Industries company offers these services worldwide as a sub-contractor.

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