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Today, we would like to inform you of the progress we are making after the cyber-attack that occurred at the end of June. We continue to work vigorously in reinstating operating procedures and are well on our way to achieving this. Currently, the Knauf Group is making good time in restorations. Many of our online systems and email are back to functioning normally, some areas are being ramped up again right now.

We apologize for any inconvenience or delays in our delivery processes, that still might may occur, but rest assured that we are working tirelessly to resolve the final issues.

As soon all operating procedures are back to normal or we have new information relevant to you, we will naturally inform you. We thank you for your understanding and trust.



New Website for the Region New for the Reigon
Knauf has launched this website to be closer to its clients and stakeholders in Levant and Iraq region. The website has designed to be simple, useful and rich of information and documents about Knauf drywall products and systems.
New Products New Products
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Our ProductsHigh Quality in Your Hand


Knauf Products

  • Interior Drywall Application

    Interior Drywall Application

    High quality drywall materials manufactured under European norms to be used in partition walls, suspended ceiling and flooring systems. Product List
  •  Aquapanel® Cement Borads & Accessories

    AQUAPANEL® Cement Borads & Accessories

    A lighter material than conventional construction enables more freedom for innovative design, easier & faster construction and saving space. Product List
  • Exterior Cladding & Floor Tiles Application

    Exterior Cladding & Floor Tiles Application

    System components offers high values of external thermal insulation for the buildings, besides cement based adhesives and joint fillers for flooring tiles. Product List
  • PFT Machines

    PFT Machines

    German made conveying and mixing pumps, pneumatic conveying equipment, and horizontal continuous mixers to achieve faster and better performance of drywall application. Product List

Knauf Drywall SystemsLightweight Building Solutions


Knauf Drywall Systems

  • Ceiling Systems

    Ceiling Systems

    Knauf ceiling systems are lightweight solutions to create decorative surfaces and also suitable and easy to install concealing services lines for more details
  • Partition Walls

    Partition Walls

    Knauf partition wall systems are lightweight systems that adopt to the movements of buildings and it comply with the most stringent international building standards for more details
  • Wall Lining

    Wall Lining

    Walls made of bricks, blocks, reinforced concrete or other similar building materials can be lined with Knauf wall lining systems to increase its performance for thermal & sound insulation and fire protection. for more details
  • Shaft Walls

    Shaft Walls

    Knauf Shaft wall Systems consit of knauf fire resistant or moisture resistant gypsum board that are attached to a nonload bearing metal stud frame. for more details

Our Sevices


Our services

  • Technical Support

    Technical Support

    Knauf Technical Support Team consists of professionals about dry wall system details, performances, architectural and engineered solution offers. They respond to all technical requests of architects, engineers, contractors, students and end users efficiently and accurate. for more details
  • Document Center

    Document Center

    It is an easy tool to reach all the technical data sheets, specifications, quality certificates, installation guides, CAD & BIM files you're looking for. You can choose the topics then you can download them by just one click. go to document center
  • Seminars


    In knauf we are able and willing to share our knowledge with the clients and stakeholders by organizing public seminars, indoor seminars or seminars at universities and institutes. for more details
  • Our Training Centers


    We offer training on Knauf drywall systems to students, architects, engineers and applicators through our training centers in Amman and Baghdad. for more details