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  • Earthquake Resistant Constructions

    Earthquake Resistant Constructions

    Earthquakes are a great danger for people, the environment, and nature – all over in the world. Most earthquakes are of minor intensity and cause comparably little damage. However, even moderate earthquakes can have dramatic consequences. Especially if they occur more than once and in geographically sensitive areas, earthquakes are capable of negatively impacting the basic structure of a building in the long term – in the worst case, without the knowledge of the inhabitants or users.
    Other reasons for the increase in damage caused by earthquakes are the increasingly denser building developments, the constructional utilisation of high-risk areas, and unpermitted buildings, which do not in most cases meet the requirements of an earthquake-resistant building. There is also a necessity for public authorities to create an earthquake-resistant infrastructure – in uncongested areas as well as in densely populated urban areas.
  • Reduce the Risk

    Reduce the Risk

    Knauf wall systems play a prominent role in seismic design. As non-supporting partition walls, they provide fewer “susceptible masses” for earthquake-related forces, which creates increased protection of the construction overall. There is also the fact that the overall weight of a building constructed with Knauf wall systems is considerably lower – and, with less weight, there is significantly less strain on the supporting structures in the event of an earthquake. A third advantage of this type of construction is the factor that the wall systems maintain their space-defining function even if there are large deformations. In this way, this design effectively prevents total failure of supporting elements, for example, from explosions caused by an earthquake.

    Knauf wall systems have versatile use. The spectrum ranges from earthquake-resistant refurbishment – for example, as bracing of reinforced concrete frame constructions – to new buildings. Safe concepts. Safe planning. Earthquake-res

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  • Seismic Steel Dowel M6x25

    Seismic Steel Dowel M6x25

    Components used in the suspended ceiling systems in case of seismic requirements for fixing the metal substructure to structural soffit.
    Seismic Steel Dowel M6x25
  • Nonius Stirrup

    Nonius Stirrup

    Hanger used for connecting the nonius hanger upper part and main C channels. Nonius Stirrup
  • Nonius Hanger Upper Part

    Nonius Hanger Upper Part

    Hanger used for fixing the suspended ceiling system to the structural soffit. Nonius hanger upper part
  • Nonius Hanger Pin

    Nonius Hanger Pin

    Hanger used for fixing the suspended ceiling system to the structural soffit. Nonius hanger pin