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Acoustics in the venue will be affected by following factors:


Sound Absorption

Three types of sound absorber come together in Knauf acoustic systems. All trays or plates act as membrane absorbents for subtle vibrations. Resonances occur within the frequency range of the hole acts as an absorbent moderate. In addition, an absorption in the high frequency range is achieved through the passage of sound in the rear acoustic fiber. With these features, sound absorbency can be provided in frequency range. Thus, all requirements for modern spaces with perforated sound absorbers will be asked to cast set in a perfect way and accessible to them.

Sound Absorption Degree α

Sound absorption degree α is the ratio of the sound energy of the reflected sound energy occurs. Full reflection α = 0, α = 1 full absorption.

Reverberation Time

Sound absorption in a space defined by the reverberation time. This volume gives voice publications of the time period of 60 dB after the recent fall.

The Distribution of Sound

Perforations on drywall provides both sound absorption and distribution of sound. By the perforated structure of boards, distribution of sound makes different impact than imperforated drywall.The sound of waves hits the edges of the hole breaks and expenditures in different directions. Thus space remains in an amount of sound energy , thereby creating a more comfortable acoustics. Not only distribute audio originating from a perforated plate construction also better it absorbs . This is the possibility of absorption of the sound waves further improve holes lies in the dispersion of a large.

The Reflection of Sound

By the hardness of gypsum board, it can return some sound waves. This can be provided in imperforated plate and around the hole. Perforated plates reflect stronger but they only attenuates sound waves like membrane absorption.

Sound Insulation

Gypsum board can insulate the metathesis between the rooms by it's high intensity properties.

If the boards are reninforced by mineral wool, they can increase the insulation values.

Sound insulation regulations are determined according to EN 20140-9 document and DIN EN 20140 - Chapter 9.

Cleaneo Tanıtım Filmi

Our Partners

  • Knauf AMF

    Knauf AMF

    Our business partner is Knauf AMF for more products and system solutions about sound absorption and insulation. Knauf AMF
  • Heradesign


    Heradesign produces, develops and distributes high-class acoustic systems for ceilings and walls that are consistently sustainable. The main fields of application are education, sports, offices, infrastructure, entertainment and recreational facilities. Heradesign

Recommended Products

  • Cleaneo (B4, B5, B6)

    Cleaneo (B4, B5, B6)

    Block-shaped circular or square perforated gypsum boards, produced 4-sided non-perforated perimeter. It provides high sound absorption and contains zeolite for air cleaning effect. Cleaneo (B4, B5, B6)
  • Cleaneo Acoustic Screw

    Cleaneo Acoustic Screw

    Screws with countersunk cross-heads for fixing Cleaneo gypsum boards protects the board against cracks and deformation of holes. Cleaneo Acoustic Screw
  • Cleaneo Slotline

    Cleaneo Slotline

    Block slotted gypsum boards, produced 4-side non-perforated perimeter. It provides high sound absorption and contains zeolite for air cleaning effect. Cleaneo Slotline
  • Cleaneo Square Perforation

    Cleaneo Square Perforation

    Square perforated gypsum board, can be produced continuous perforated or non-perforated perimeter upon request. It provides high sound absorption and contains zeolite for air cleaning effect. Cleaneo square serforation

Recommended Systems

  • D127 Cleaneo Suspended Ceiling System

    D127 Cleaneo Suspended Ceiling System

    D127 Cleaneo suspended ceiling system is installed by using hanger system suitable for the ceiling load, main and furring TC channels which are connected to each other with intersection connectors, 12,5 mm single layer Knauf Cleaneo and with the 20 mm thick mineral wool to provide the sound absorption requirements. D127
  • W623C Cleaneo Drywall Lining System

    W623C Cleaneo Drywall Lining System

    W623C Cleaneo Drywall Lining System is installed on the existing wall with direct hanger, Ceiling C Channel and Ceiling U Channel with single layer Cleaneo according to the required area and single layer 12,5 mm Knauf Gypsum Board (double layer where Cleaneo is not applied) and in between mineral wool in order to fulfill the optimum sound absorption requirements. W623C